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E-invoicing software in Malaysia

Get LHDN Compliant with ClearTax's E-Invoicing Software

ClearTax's e-Invoicing software seamlessly aligns with LHDN's guidelines and as Malaysia's most sought-after solution we are determined at making your E-invoicing implementation a breeze.

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Endorsed by Regulatory Bodies Worldwide

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Partnered with govt of India to issue eInvoices to the taxpayers on behalf of GST (Taxation authority) network


Accredited Service Provider under MDEC Malaysia & working with LHDN for e-invoicing implementation

Saudi Arabia

Accredited service provider & E-invoicing partner for Saudi Arabian government (ZATCA)

Trusted by 5000+ global brands


E-invoices generated annually


E-invoices generated annually


E-invoice success generation rate

E-invoicing and Beyond

Self E-Invoices for Key Scenarios

Compliant e-invoicing for agents, foreign purchases, e-commerce, dividends, taxes, and gaming payouts.

Reconciliation between IRBM and your system

AI-driven engine flags discrepancies, ensuring sales & purchase reconciliation between IRBM server and your system

B2C Customer Portal

Let your customers easily generate LHDN compliant invoices with a simple form. Invoices sync seamlessly to ClearTax for easy consolidation. Archive, retrieve, and manage invoices with flexibility.

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Why choose ClearTax for Malaysia e-Invoicing?

Always stay compliant

Auto-upgrades for new govt. changes without any internal hassle

Dedicated support team

1-1 account manager for any compliance/ technical queries

Smart integration service with any number/ type of system

Go live with minimal business disruption

24/7 compliance with 99.99%

Reliable API stack with auto-scaling & back up servers

Error free e-invoices with 99.98% success rate

Smart automations with 150+ data validations & auto-retrials

Value added features to ease transition to e-invoice era

E-invoice vs Sales/ Purchase invoice reconciliation & Data analytics

Seamless integration

with any ERP or POS system you may have

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Easy Tax Reconciliation & Filing

We automate the process of collating data from multiple sources, reconciling data between source data & E-Invoice data and presenting results in a simple format for the action of tax teams.

Automated data upload and reconciliation

Direct data upload from accounting books (GL) followed by reconciliation

Speed and Scalability

Handle any volume effortlessly reconcile up to 10 million documents within just 15 minutes.

Reconcile with 95%+ accuracy

Identify mismatches and missing data between E-inv and sales data with an accuracy greater than 95%.

Flexible and Configurable

Reconciliation rules and thresholds that confirms to business needs and is easy to use.

What has been announced so far

Malaysia plans to implement e-invoicing from August 2024. The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia released the e-invoicing guidelines detailing the scope of implementation of e-invoicing.

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How we helped

We saw an exceptional increase in efficiency of 800% after subscribing to the Clear Invoicing solution.

A major manufacturing company successfully transformed data for e-invoicing with ERP integration using ClearTax

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Leading FMCG manufacturing company upturned it's compliance management processes with ClearTax e-Invoicing and GST

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A leading giant in Saudi Arabia now generates millions of E-invoices with ClearTax E-Invoicing Solutions

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Here's what our customers have to say about us

We saw an exceptional increase in efficiency of 800% after subscribing to the Clear Invoicing solution. We are extremely happy as Clear simplified our business operations! We now enjoy automated invoicing across our customer and supplier journey. It has directly impacted our unit economics by eliminating all manual invoicing processes.

Mr. Ashish Shand

Finance Controller, NoBroker

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Weekly sessions to keep you posted on all the latest norms by the Malaysian government

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1. What is e-invoicing in Malaysia?

 E-invoicing is a digital alternative to paper invoices. E-invoicing is being implemented in many countries worldwide, and Malaysia is no exception in embracing this innovation. The e-invoice Model introduced by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) aims to make processes simpler, increase effectiveness, and minimise te­dious tasks for businesses.

2. What are the features of ClearTax e-invoicing software? Why should you consider ClearTax e-invoicing software for your business?

ClearTax is your one-stop solution for seamless e-invoicing compliance in Malaysia. ClearTax e-invoicing software offers various features to simplify and streamline your e-invoicing process:
i) Businesses will get personalised guidance and support from our Dedicated Account Manager.
ii) Stay rest assured with ClearTax's rigorous data validation process as we ensure 99.99% accuracy in e-invoice generation.
iii) Businesses can effortlessly integrate our software with over 50 ERP systems using our web APIs, achieving compliance within 4-6 weeks. You will not have to change a single line of code.
iv) Businesses can also secure their e-invoice data for up to 7 years on our SLA-backed cloud servers, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.
v) Beyond basic support, we provide value-added services to enhance your e-invoicing experience. Analyse your spending and sales patterns, generate error reports, create QR codes, and leverage convenient B2C e-invoice options via WhatsApp or SMS.
Partner with ClearTax and transform e-invoicing compliance from complex to effortless in Malaysia.

3. How to comply with the e-invoicing mandate in Malaysia?

You can comply with the e-invoicing mandate in Malaysia by carrying out these activities:
i) Assess applicability: Before diving into e-invoicing, consider whether it's mandatory for your business or if you're choosing to adopt it voluntarily. Next, examine your current invoicing process and identify opportunities to save time and money.
ii) E-invoicing solution: Choose an e-invoicing solution that fits your needs and budget and which can be easily integrated with your ERP system like Cleartax. 
iii) Train your staff: Prepare your team on how to use the new e-invoicing system. They'll need to know how to create, send, and track e-invoices. 
By taking these steps, you can make sure your business is ready for the switch to e-invoices.

4. How does e-invoicing help Malaysia?

The introduction of e-invoices in Malaysia will revolutionize the way businesses operate and boost the overall economy. It will make businesses more efficient, save them money, and help the whole economy run better. Businesses that adopt e-invoices will be ahead of the curve. By digitizing invoices, businesses can streamline processes, minimise paperwork, and record transactions with enhanced accuracy. 

5. Is e-invoicing in Malaysia mandatory for me?

To ensure a smooth transition and provide ample time for adoption, e-Invoicing implementation will be done in phases. Initially, e-Invoicing adoption will be based on the annual turnover or revenue (based on audited financial statements for 2022).However, e-Invoicing will become mandatory for all taxpayers from 1st July 2025, regardless of their sales volume.

6. What is the mandatory limit for e-invoicing in Malaysia?

The following are the mandatory limits for e-invoicing in Malaysia along with their implementation dates (as revised in Budget 2024):

7. How to choose the right e-invoicing solution for your business in Malaysia?

To make the switch to e-invoicing smoother, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) has created two ways to send e-invoices:

  • MyInvois Portal: MyInvois Portal is a web-based portal that allows businesses to generate and submit invoices individually or upload them in bulk. This method is ideal for small businesses with a low volume of transactions.
  • API: API integration allows businesses to connect their existing ERP system directly with the IRB's system, enabling automated e-invoice transmission. This method is suitable for large businesses with a high volume of transactions. There are three different types of API model:
    i) Connect your business's ERP system directly to MyInvois.
    ii) Use a Peppol service provider.
    iii) Use a non-Peppol technology provider.

Choosing the Right Method
The best method for your business will depend on your specific needs and transaction volume. If you have a small business with a low volume of transactions, the MyInvois Portal is a simple and affordable option. However, if you have a large business with a high volume of transactions, API integration is a more efficient and scalable solution.