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A leading retail giant in
Saudi Arabia now generates millions of ZATCA Phase II compliant E-invoices with Cleartax E-Invoicing Solutions

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Business Challenges faced by the customer

  • Our business generates millions of invoices per month. How can we ensure real time response times and seamless integration to ZATCA?
  • How will E-invoicing affect our VAT return filing? How can we reconcile data between our systems and ZATCA?
  • How can we ensure data security?


ClearTax was chosen as a single solution provider for all of the company’s requirements :

  • We provided them an E-invoicing solution to connect all of their ERP/POS systems (in both online and offline mode) with ZATCA
  • Our solution provided connectors to generate required fields like UUID, ICV, PIH, Cryptographic Stamp, XML, PDF A/3 etc. across all systems.
  • Our solution ensured generation of E-invoices in a fraction of a second for thousands of concurrent transactions per minute
  • Our robust infrastructure ensured seamless performance during any kind of peak demand (in festive seasons) with 99.9% availability
  • Our tax and technology experts provided consultation on ZATCA compliance queries
  • We collaborated with customer’s internal IT teams and vendor teams to deliver end-to-end integration in 3-4 weeks.

How is the ClearTax connector integrated with different systems for compliant E-invoices?

1. We provided them an E-invoicing solution to connect all of their ERP/POS systems (in both online and offline mode) with ZATCA

2. For B2B and E-commerce invoices, ERP and E-commerce systems are integrated using real time API integration with ClearTax cloud solution.

  • ClearTax cloud solution automated ZATCA device onboarding process and end-to-end E-invoicing
  • Minor modifications were done in Customer’s ERP to push raw invoice data to ClearTax cloud platform through API request. ClearTax platform generates ZATCA compliant XML, special fields like UUID, Invoice Counter, Hash etc., and also gets real time clearance from ZATCA.
  • End users were able to generate E-invoices directly through the ERP in a fraction of second, along with ZATCA clearance.
  • ClearTax cloud platform also provided final PDF A/3 invoices and automatically emailed those E-invoices to the end user.

3. For Simplified invoices generated from POS systems, hybrid (offline + online) approach was chosen in collaboration with POS vendors.

  • ClearTax worked very closely with POS vendors to develop offline QR code and XML (including fields like UUID, Cyptographic stamp, Hash etc.) generation module. This module was installed on-premises in the POS system to work without internet connectivity.
  • ClearTax automated the ZATCA device onboarding process for thousands of POS systems across all retail stores. This automation saved a few weeks of manual effort needed to complete the onboarding process.
  • ClearTax worked with Customer’s internal IT team to develop a central repository (Database/ FTP folder) of XML files generated from all stores.
  • ClearTax also developed a thin client (installed on Customer’s premises) on this central repository and pushed these XML files to ClearTax cloud platform
  • ClearTax cloud platform then ensured reporting of these XML files to ZATCA within 24 hours of generation.

4. Error Handling :

  • ClearTax tax experts helped the client to understand VAT and E-invoicing guidelines.
  • All types of error scenarios (non availability of internet connection, communication layer failure with ZATCA, rejection of invoices by ZATCA etc.) were thoroughly covered in solution implementation
  • For all E-invoices rejected by ZATCA, ClearTax provided user friendly error messages to rectify the invoices.

5. Through UAT testing :

  • ClearTax worked with customer’s IT and vendor team to test end-to-end E-invoicing flow for all invoicing use cases
  • ClearTax also tested the performance of the platform for 1M E-invoices in a day to support peak demand season.

Key Features of Cleartax E-Invoicing solution that benefited the client

  • Avoidance of E-invoice failures with smart validation checks and data enrichments
  • Flexibility of integration process – Cleartax performed end-to-end integration with API, FTP and database integration approach
  • ClearTax team also provided integration advisory services to the client’s in-house IT  teams and vendor teams
  • Availability of customized PDF A/3 invoice layout templates to suit client’s business needs as well as ZATCA’s compliance standards
  • Enterprise Grade Data security : Cleartax systems are ISO27001 and SOC2 certified - with 256-bit SSL encryption. Our systems are also VAPT certified.
  • Data archival on KSA cloud - Facility to archive E-invoices in XML & PDF A/3 formats on KSA based Cloud servers for up to 10 years as mandated by ZATCA. This ensured compliance to data residency norms of the kingdom.


  • Client’s E-invoicing system is geared to work seamlessly even through a high volume of invoices (36M+ invoices per month) during any peak season
  • The system is equipped to produce a success rate of 99.8% which is by far the industry-best figure
  • Quick integration and go live (deployment in a span of just 1 week) with a total of 3-4 weeks including testing, onboarding and training