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All about KSA’s Fatoora Portal

Updated on: Apr 6th, 2023


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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) (earlier known as GAZT) is the tax regulating authority in Saudi Arabia (SA). Last year, ZATCA announced they would implement the e-invoicing initiative in two phases. Accordingly, it implemented phase I of e-invoicing from 4th December 2021.

Now, it is planning to smoothly implement phase II of e-invoicing from 1st January 2023. Also, it clarified that applicable taxpayers would be divided into targeted taxpayer groups and be notified six months before their wave. Accordingly, on 24th June 2022, ZATCA announced that the first wave of phase II of e-invoicing applies to Value Added Tax (VAT) registered taxpayers whose revenue exceeded SAR 3 billion for the year ending 2021.

Also, phase II of e-invoicing requires taxpayers to onboard their e-Invoice Generation Solution (EGS) with the fatoora portal. This article explains all about the fatoora portal.

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What is the purpose of the fatoora portal?

You don’t have to integrate with ZATCA to comply with phase I of e-invoicing. However, to comply with phase II e-invoicing, you need to onboard their EGS and integrate their systems with a dedicated portal provided by ZATCA. 

Accordingly, ZATCA developed the fatoora portal so taxpayers can onboard their EGS units by generating a new Cryptographic Stamp Identifier (CSID) or renewing the existing CSIDs. Also, taxpayers can use the fatoora portal to revoke the CSIDs and view the list of onboarded solutions and devices.

How to log in to the fatoora portal?

First, you have to access the fatoora portal either 

After that, you can access the portal using the ERAD credentials, i.e., TIN or email registered with ZATCA and the password.

Fatoora login

What are the uses of the fatoora portal?

You can perform the below activities through the fatoora portal:

Onboarding the EGS Units

You can manually or automatically onboard your EGS units on the fatoora portal to obtain the new CSIDs. Click here for the step-by-step procedure for onboarding your EGS units.

Viewing the List of Onboarded EGS Units and Devices

You can view a list that includes a summary of all EGS units onboarded on the fatoora portal. Also, you can filter, sort and search based on specific inputs available in the list of EGS units and devices.

onboarded EGS units on the Fatoora portal

Renewing the Existing CSIDs

You can renew the existing CSID through the fatoora portal, and the process for renewing is similar to obtaining it for the first time. However, it involves the revocation of the existing CSID and issuing a new one. Here’s the step-by-step procedure for renewing the existing CSIDs.

Revocation of CSIDs

You can revoke any listed devices by clicking on the device and then on the ‘revoke’ button. Click here for the step-by-step procedure for revocating the CSIDs.