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Connect any ERP/POS with E-invoicing restful APIs

Expect minimal to no changes in your daily workflow, while our E-invoicing software seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP or POS system

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No matter which ERP/POS you use, we integrate with it 


Integration engineers


 Completed integrations


Tech support team

Flexibility in integration architecture

API Integration

Direct integration with Cleartax Cloud Middleware for realtime E-invoice generation

FTP/SFTP integration

Synchronized E-invoice generation through remote file server over secure FTP protocol

Excel integration

Bulk E-invoice generation using Cleartax’s proprietary Excel file upload mechanism on web platform

Enjoy seamless integration with your ERP or POS

2000+ ERP and POS systems are connected with ClearTax

Seamless Process

ClearTax’s robust E-invoicing software will integrate with govt systems directly rendering zero hassles in your workflow. Keep generating invoices in ERP and let the ClearTax APIs convert it into compliant E-invoices

Full assistance

Our 250+ integration engineers help you get up and running in no time. We ensure smooth ERP connectivity across systems making sure you comply with all govt regulations 

Power of accurate data - covered from tech/compliance

Make better use of your ERP systems by ensuring that only complete and accurate data enters your systems. With ClearTax, you can set up automated validation and enrichment of data to suit your system requirements.